Triplex 0.57: Edit Children Elements

( · Michael Dougall)

▵ Triplex 0.57 brings much needed quality of life improvements.

New features

Edit any child element in the scene panel

Previously only elements that were declared in the open component could be edited, now any child element in the component tree can be edited and saved back to source code.

Edit children through the Triplex scene panel

Filter components, elements, and props

Scrolling through large lists of components, elements, and props has been cumbersome for everyone. Now you can filter through them and find exactly what you're looking for.

Filter props through the Triplex context panel

Declare a global React provider

For those who are heavy users of React Context you can now declare a global provider component, opening the door to more advanced use cases.

// .triplex/provider.ts
import { XR } from "@react-three/xr";
export default function Provider({ children }) {
  return <XR>{children}</XR>;
// .triplex/config.json
+  "provider": "./provider.ts"

Contextually add elements to a component

Adding an element to a component was confusing, depending if you had an element selected or not you'd end up with unexpected behavior. Now it's contextual, the add button in the actions list adds to the root of the component and the add button on elements adds as a child.

Add a child component to an element through the Triplex scene panel

Bug fixes

  • Windows no longer throws when opening projects that have escape characters in their path.
  • Default export component names are now displayed correctly in the open component drawer.
  • Transform controls are now disabled when the props are controlled by code.
  • Error notification is now displayed in the bottom left and is de-emphasized.
  • Editor inputs can now have their content selected with the select all command.
  • The scene panel now scrolls to the selected element when out of view.
  • JSON schema now gets served from the docs website ( — make sure to update your local schema!
  • The editor scene now remains functional if an error occured during render.
  • The welcome screen is no longer resizable.

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