Triplex 0.59: Backend Stability Improvements

( · Michael Dougall)

▵ Triplex 0.59 completes a large refactor of the backend to improve scene stability, fixing bugs, enabling new features, and setting us up for success into the future.

New features

  • Exit selection command can now be triggered using the Shift+CmdOrControl+F hotkey
  • Transform actions (translate/rotate/scale) are now available in the selection menu
  • Triplex now warns you when the file you have open is outside where your project has defined files should be [#135]

Bug fixes

  • Union literal labels are now shown in the select input when possible [#87]
  • Saving no longer accidentally triggers the scale transform mode [#145]
  • Changes to your scene are no longer visually lost when entering / exiting / reloading components [#3, #53]
  • Adding a new element then saving no longer results in the component briefly being unmounted [#48]


  • When loading a project if it fails to load an error screen is now shown instead of nothing
  • A loading screen is now shown when opening Triplex [#31]

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