Triplex 0.60: Element Actions

( · Michael Dougall)

▵ Triplex 0.60 introduces a new duplicate element action, improves element actions overall user experience, and fixes some bugs.

New features

  • Flesh out a scene faster now by duplicating elements using the CommandOrControl+D hotkey [#117]
  • Element actions have moved from the context panel to the scene panel
  • Enter selection has moved from an action button to a gesture — now double click on the element you want to navigate to instead

Bug fixes

  • Fix regression on Windows where the scene would never load [#151]
  • Inputs across Triplex can now have copy / paste commands executed on them via the standard hotkeys [#143]
  • Context panel now closes when the element has been lost. This could happen from being deleted in code, re-ordering, anything [#56]
  • When focusing inputs you will no longer trigger unexpected hotkeys such as transform mode changes when typing
  • IDE links now opened through the launch-editor package [#142]
  • Error overlay no longer closers after an HMR event
  • Fix delete action not working on nested child elements
  • Fix adding custom components to a new file


  • End-to-end tests now cover the primary flows of Triplex aiding in preventing regressions hitting production again

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