Triplex 0.61: Element Drag & Drop, File Tabs

( · Michael Dougall)

▵ Triplex 0.61 introduces element drag and drop, file tabs, and a whole load of bug fixes. Have feedback? Join our Discord community!

New features

  • Drag & drop elements in the left panel to re-order and re-parent them [#45]
  • Open and switch between multiple files fast with tabs
  • Save all opened files through the file menu

Bug fixes

  • Inputs now confirm their value when pressing enter [#101]
  • Transform controls now has capped precision [#141]
  • Undo/redo is now scoped to the active file [#155]
  • Undo/redo limitations have been removed — after saving you can continue to undo/redo
  • Fix initial open throwing when no exports were found
  • Open project flow now allows you to create a project without going back to the welcome screen
  • Triplex now traverses up the folder path to see if it can open a project
  • You can no-longer enter an element from node modules
  • Fix ide link for unsupported props
  • Save is now correctly scoped to the currently active file
  • Inputs no longer remount when value changes from source
  • Color input now displays a focus state
  • Gizmo helper bounding box is no longer visible at certain angles
  • Grid no longer follows focal point
  • When loading a scene initially it no longer causes a double flash


  • Remote calls are now scheduled to ensure high priority calls occur before low priority / expensive ones [#158]
  • Upgrade Electron dependencies
  • Normalize paths using upath instead of node built-in
  • Tuple prop labels are now start-aligned
  • Assets folder now displayed last in the assets drawer
  • Titlebar now appears partially transparent when inactive

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