Triplex 0.64: SharedArrayBuffer, Canvas Frames, and Bugfixes

( · Michael Dougall)

▵ Triplex 0.64 adds support for SharedArrayBuffer, sizing your scene over different viewports, and new renderer configuration.

New features

  • Add support for SharedArrayBuffer [#186]
  • Add canvas frame and zoom controls to size your scene over different viewports
  • Add define config to replace static variables at build time [#177]
  • Add renderer attributes config [#187]

Bug fixes

  • Component controls, provider controls, and component prop controls now show their default value when one has been set [#176]
  • Vite backend now selects a random port on start [#175]
  • Improve UI/UX of error screen shown when loading a project fails, now showing the actual error message [#111]
  • Fix error resolution for the provider component, now when any errors inside it get fixed the scene successfully re-renders [#183]
  • Prevent throwing an exception if a component resolves to any when resolving its path [#188]
  • Fix adding elements to a component without a top level fragment [#130]
  • Fix default prop parsing from fc component [#178]
  • Fix string literal union input resetting the value on clear to nothing instead of the default value
  • Improve UI/UX of error screen shown when loading a project fails, now shows the actual error message
  • Errors are now captured during renderer bootstrap
  • Fix select input not being cleared when pressing backspace
  • Errors thrown during the initial render are now visible as an error notification
  • Fix inferring jsx element locations for certain scenarios


  • Error notifications now display the latest error first

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