Frequently Asked Questions

What version of React does Triplex use?

Triplex uses your React, React Three Fiber, and Three.js installed packages, not its own. That means it stays up-to-date with your code and you choose when to upgrade.

What bundlers does Triplex support?

Triplex works with any bundler by not using your bundler at all.

Can I use Triplex with other frameworks?

Yes. Triplex operates on source code just as other frameworks do, you can use the same code across multiple frameworks like Next.js or Remix.

Do Triplex projects need TypeScript?

Triplex uses the TypeScript compiler to infer what props are available on components, without it the usefulness of this feature is severely diminished. That being said you can still use Triplex with JavaScript, learn how with this guide.

Does Triplex support monorepos?

Yes. You can either install it in your root directory or in a specific package. There will be some rough edges, let us know when you find any.

Why does importing glb/gltf files get a type error?

You need to teach TypeScript about those files. See: How To Resolve Type Errors With Static Assets.